Classic Club Sandwich


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Classic Club Sandwich

To start gently poach the chicken breast. Once cooked, allow the breast to cool and then use as required.
Pre wash the salad mix and chiffonnade. Grill the bacon till it begins crisping. When assembling the sandwich you need to toast the bread on both sides.
Once toasted, spread the Wood’s Egg Mayonnaise on the toast. On one slice of the white bread, spread some of the Wood’s Green Mango Chutney and top this with some of the chiffonnade of lettuce then the sliced chicken breast.
On the brown slice of toast spread some of the Wood’s Onion Marmalade and top with the sliced tomato and the grilled bacon.
To assemble the sandwich place the chicken slice of toast on the bottom. Next place the bacon slice of toast on top and then complete the sandwich with the remaining slice of toast.
Strip two-thirds of the rosemary stalk clean of the rosemary. This will be used to pierce the sandwich and help hold it together. Once the rosemary is in place, cut the sandwich diagonally in half.
Place the cut sandwiches on the plate slightly separated and fill the gap with potato chips. Finish with a little extra Wood’s Green Mango Chutney.
For a different approach to this recipe try substituting sliced turkey breast instead of the chicken and use Wood’s Cranberry Sauce to help with the flavour balance.
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